Trailer: Season 2

        Hosted by Bronwyn Cosgrave, season two of Rodeo Drive–The Podcast brings to listeners around the world the stories from the makers, creators, architects and designers, who dreamed up Rodeo Drive and helped establish Los Angeles as a global style capital. The podcast also highlights what’s next in fashion, luxury and entertainment, as a new era for the iconic thoroughfare unfolds in response to unprecedented challenges and change. In the first episode, listeners will hear about the future of the fashion runway, as global fashion weeks are underway in a variety of new formats. Forthcoming episodes, dropping every three weeks, will examine Rodeo Drive from every angle – the pivotal place it occupies in Hollywood, the families that power it, what happened when one Rodeo Drive just wasn’t enough, fashion design in a time of staying in, and more.

        Podcast credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Bronwyn Cosgrave
        Written by Frances Anderton
        Audio Engineer and Editor: Avishay Artsy
        Theme music by Brian Banks
        Production Coordinators: Livia Mandoul, Callie McConnell and Sila Genya.

        Season Two of Rodeo Drive – The Podcast is presented by the Rodeo Drive Committee with the support of the City of Beverly Hills, The Hayman Family, Two Rodeo Drive, GEARYS and the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau.