Trailer: Season 3

        Season Three of Rodeo Drive – The Podcast invites listeners back for more stories about the world’s most coveted brands and boutiques, brought directly from Rodeo Drive by Host Pari Ehsan and Field Correspondent Jason E.C Wright. Ehsan is the Iranian American founder of Pari Dust, an influential, digital platform for art and fashion. Wright is the founder of Burntsienna Research Society, an L.A. design research agency, and is an expert on fashion and the future of design and retail.

        They will speak to some of the biggest names in fashion, luxury art, and entertainment, among them Jeffrey Deitch, Dirk Schönberger, Hunter Drohojowska-Philp and Eric Buterbaugh. Over eight episodes, they will explore the convergence of art and sport with fashion, sustainability, luxury sneakers and the metaverse. The new addition of on- the-ground audio and video reporting will keep listeners up to date on current developments and conversations in fashion and luxury from the iconic, three-block stretch in Beverly Hills.