Los Angeles: Commercial Secrets of Rodeo Drive

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        Los Angeles: business secrets of Rodeo Drive

        SONG Pei Fen: In the dressing room of Chanel on Rodeo Drive, there is a good chance that a Gucci shoe or a Dior bag will be present at the same time. Offering an “immersive experience” gives them the confidence to withstand the onslaught of online shopping and the epidemic.

        Updated 9 July 2020, 12:31 pm Pei-Fen Song for FT China.

        “Fluidity” is the word most often heard these days at the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (Kathy Gohari, vice president of the (Rodeo Drive) Shopping District Council, told me on Zoom. Rodeo Drive had just reopened from an epidemic lifting the ban, and unexpectedly the cases had started to spike again in the past few days, and Gohari said she ate lunch with the Halfway through, the owner told her the city was back on lockdown and she’d be the last customer at the restaurant. “While the shops remain open and Rodeo Drive is full of plexiglass from epidemic-proofing measures, the changing epidemic has made the Everyone must be prepared for mobility,” Gohari said.

        Before the epidemic, Rodeo Drive, a shopping district only three blocks away, was not only Often featured on film footage and movie stars, the store attracts nearly 8 million crowds a year. Of course, most brands have multiple stores around the world, and everywhere from Monte Carlo to Guangzhou, you can find Chanel or Gucci. gohari points out that the biggest difference between Rodeo Drive and other places is that it offers consumers ” An “immersive” experience. “A co-worker would call me and say, ‘Kathy, your customer just came into our store and spent almost an entire day in the store!’ She sits down for tea and coffee and gossips with us…” Gohari thinks it’s LA style to be a friend of the way to receive customers and make them feel extra friendly.

        Fred Hayman, the “Godfather of Rodeo Drive”, opened the first Rodeo Drive store here in 1961. From the beginning of the fashion store, customers often spent the whole day in the store. The gentlemen could chat and play pool while their wives tried on dresses and shoes, and at noon the restaurant would bring lunch over, sometimes even in the And an afternoon tea before leaving to revolutionize shopping! Even today, Rodeo Drive is still very much about building relationships with our customers.” We even have customers who bring us things they have bought elsewhere and ask us how they would like them to fit.”

        Asked, luxury retailers around the world have faced the epidemic and the impact of internet shopping, has this affected Rodeo Drive? Gohari immediately asked rhetorically, “Would you spend $30,000, $40,000 or even $50,000 on a dress on the internet? If you were spending tens of dollars on beach sandals, would you?” Because the products, as well as the prices, vary, so do the ways in which they are consumed.Gohari says that in addition to enjoying the shopping experience, brands The sizes all vary, some are going to be 38 and a half, some are 39, and some have smaller waists, some are The arms are long, and to get a perfect fit, you have to go to a store and try it on, which the internet can’t do.

        Gohari cites the so-called VIP fitting rooms as an example of where one would go to find a dress for a formal evening. Most brands have this type of spacious and private fitting environment, and will also offer drinks, cheese trays or small snacks like macaroons. “Usually regular clients we know what they like to drink and eat, but if it’s a new client, we offer a little bit of all of it and let the They are free to taste.” Customers can try on different clothes and styles, and the resident tailor will be on hand to help with ideas. Regardless of the brand, head-to-toe service is provided whenever possible, and if the store doesn’t have the right shoes or accessories, they’ll also call the Other brands next door are asked to bring some over to try on, and sometimes even jewellers join in. So even in a Chanel dressing room there is a good chance of Gucci shoes or a Dior handbag, a situation that has been seen in the It’s almost impossible for the rest of the world to happen. “It’s what I call immersive styling fashion. Some people need an hour, others stay for 5 or 6 hours at a time, as if Cinderella were getting ready for a dream ball!”

        During the lockdown, Rodeo Drive will, upon request, pre-select groups of outfits and then offer them to customers via video. According to Gohari, retail stores and the internet should not be It’s an either/or dichotomy, and the Internet may also bring a whole new set of customers to retail stores. These people may first meet a designer online before walking into a boutique for a five-star experience. gohari The belief is that “no competition is bad competition. Every competition, even if it’s the same brand on the Internet and in boutiques, is beneficial.” She notes that some brands have even seen double-digit increases in their orders on the Internet during the blockade.

        In addition to the retail stores and restaurants, Rodeo Drive also gives people from all corners of the world the opportunity to experience local through its website and social media Fashion Style. The new podcast, launched at the end of May, both provides listeners with a history lesson on the development of 50 years, and takes Chow Ying Wah back to 1988 to talk about what it was like to be a part of the Armani’s philosophy when designing the headquarters and also discusses the hot topic of “Black Lives Matter Too”, please win an Oscar for “Black Panther Best Costume Design Award-winning African-American designer Ruth Carter talks about how fashion can bring racial protests closer to their target. In a day full of negativity and negative news, Rodeo Drive wants to give people around the world a taste of California via social media and podcasts Brilliant sunshine, green palm trees, and the hustle and glamour of Hollywood.

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