Episode 8: Meet Moncler Genius Sergio Zambon and His Los Angeles Collaborators


        Collaborations between brands are in vogue. But what about teaming up with a city: Los Angeles? When Sergio Zambon created the 2 Moncler 1952 menswear collection he tapped four edgy LA creatives — AD.iii, Balthazar Getty, Libertine and Undefeated — for a cross cultural blend of Moncler’s classic quilting with LA’s shine and street smarts.

        Bronwyn Cosgrave talks to Zambon about the unusual mash-up, and why LA is a magnet for designers right now.

        “It’s the city that lately changed from being an American big city to a world city. We’re not just talking about new buildings or new projects, it has really changed in a cultural way.”

        She also talks with James Bond – co-founder of Undefeated – and AD.iii’s Aaron Thompson about melding their visions with Moncler. 

        Booth Moore, Women’s Wear Daily’s Executive Editor, West Coast shares her take on the collection. “Two brands are better than one these days“, she says, adding “…what Moncler has done is taken a heritage sport product and brought it into the future.”

        Image Caption: Looks from 2 Moncler 1952 Collection, courtesy Moncler.

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