Episode 8: Dog Days on Rodeo Drive: Primping with the Stars

        Rodeo Drive brings out the glamor in people – and their pooches – as leading fashion houses develop lines for pets and the luxury thoroughfare offers the red carpet treatment to canines and their pet parents. 

        One of the dogs who might be seen strutting his stuff on Rodeo Drive is Sebastian The Standard, the show-stopping white Standard Poodle who is a fixture on Instagram and has starred in movies including Beyonce’s “Black is King”. “The poodle has always been, for me, my dream dog,” says Allysa Payne, his pet parent and momager. “I think Sebastian looks like Beverly Hills to me.”

        Payne talks to host Pari Ehsan about her line of luxury shoes and handbags, keeping Sebastian camera-ready and why leading fashion houses are so eager to reach the pet market. “More and more couples are deciding to have pets instead of children. And so of course, they spoil them like children, buying them high quality, pet fashion,” says Payne.

        The best place to show the latest and greatest looks is on Rodeo Drive, which will offer photo opportunities for visitors and their pets this summer. Field correspondent Jason E.C. Wright learns more about the BOLD Summer Red Carpet Experience from Rodeo Drive Committee President Kathy Gohari. “We are having multiple, experiential photo moments, where you will be on the red carpet and you will be able to have your picture captured and to take something back home to show people that you were the star on Rodeo Drive for the day.” 

        The red carpet opportunity will take place every afternoon from July 25 to August 21. It goes hand in hand with The Dreamer experience at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, offering hotel guests the opportunity to live life for a day like the stars. Ehsan got a taste of that experience when she had her hair styled by the famed Léa Journo at her salon inside the Beverly Wilshire; A Four Seasons Hotel. Journo shares her amazing life story which began in Paris, France, where she was one of ten children and started cutting hair at age fourteen. On being invited to Los Angeles, she became one of the most sought after stylists in Hollywood, counting Kris Jenner, Britney Spears, Jane Fonda and Jennifer Aniston among her stellar client list. Journo says the secret to her success is finding the beauty in all women. “I always say every woman is beautiful. You just need to look at her very well, find her the right color and find her the right hair. Then she’s the queen.” 

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