Episode 8: Cuisine meets Couture: Mattia Agazzi and Humberto Leon

        High fashion has always been a feast for the eyes. Now it’s tickling the taste buds, as the world’s top luxury brands venture into food. Some of today’s finest chefs are collaborating with designers and fashion houses to open restaurants and launch gastronomy ventures, such as Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura on Rodeo Drive.

        On this episode of Rodeo Drive-The Podcast, host Bronwyn Cosgrave steps into Gucci’s food and fashion universe, and meets Head Chef Mattia Agazzi. He explains how Massimo Bottura fuses a love of art and cooking with local ingredients at his bistro-style Gucci Osterias in Florence and now Beverly Hills. Cosgrave experiences the glamorous interior — with cherry red, velvet banquettes and gleaming, stainless steel kitchen –and artful, playful dishes, like “Uni Carbonara,” a whirl of bright green spaghetti with a twist of orange uni atop and “Oops I Broke the Meringue,” a cracked disc of thin meringue with a raspberry colored leaves and flowers echoing the Richard Ginori dinnerware.  

        Cosgrave also meets Humberto Leon, a fashion designer and former creative director of the iconic Paris label Kenzo, who has turned his creative skills to food. Now Leon has gone back to his roots and, with his mother, sister, and brother-in-law, he has created Chifa, a Peruvian-Chinese restaurant with a sumptuous interior designed to create a feeling of celebration in vivid green and gold, with heart motifs and wallpaper made by Leon with Calico Wallpaper.

        Listen to the conversation to hear how couture and cuisine have come together to provide a new and accessible entrée to leading luxury brands.

        Photo Credit: Gabriele Stabile for Gucci Osteria

        Podcast credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Bronwyn Cosgrave
        Written by Frances Anderton
        Audio Engineer and Editor: Avishay Artsy
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