Episode 7: Wear what makes you happy! Vanity Fair’s Nicole Chapoteau on gender fluid dressing

        Fashion used to be separated into womenswear and menswear. Today, it is much more gender fluid. “It’s really about a movement of pleasing yourself and being self aware and not you know, hindering who your true self is,” says Vanity Fair Fashion Director Nicole Chapoteau, “And I think clothing is like one of the first ways you can express that.”

        Chapoteau joins host Pari Ehsan for a conversation about her approach to the editorial pages of the magazine, and about dressing and expressing identity – in daily life and on a celebrity photoshoot.

        “It is all about personality with a touch of glam and glitz,” explains Chapoteau, adding that people often believe the actor or musician they see performing is that character in real life. At Vanity Fair, the manual for Hollywood and fashion, “you learn about who they are themselves and not the roles they portray.”

        Field correspondent Jason E.C. Wright picks up the theme of gender fluidity in fashion on a tour of Two Rodeo Drive with Rodeo Drive Committee President Kathy Gohari. They window-shop at Versace, Shinobi, Porsche Design and Westime.

        At Shinobi, for example, says Wright, “their whole concept was, ‘what would James Bond wear on his weekend off’? And what would any of the Bond girls wear from his closet? So the footwear that they source and manufacture in Japan, there’s a size available for them as well as a blouson or two to borrow from the boys.”

        Whether the vitrine is displaying watches, jewelry, pants suits or bags, fashion has broken away from boundaries, and is available, say Gohari and Wright, to “she or he or they.”

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