Episode 7: Time Moves On: The Modern Watch Collector

        Highly-crafted timepieces are so desirable that all the top brands have a presence on Rodeo Drive today. On this episode of Rodeo Drive-The Podcast, host Bronwyn Cosgrave meets the watch dealers and aficionados who have made the luxury thoroughfare a destination for haute horology: Nicola Cagliata, regional manager for Jaeger LeCoultre and the former president of the Rodeo Drive Committee; Tom Blumenthal CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills, which owns boutiques on Rodeo Drive for Rolex and Patek Philippe, and Greg Simonian, president of Westime luxury watch store on Two Rodeo Drive, who is opening a new space devoted to the competitive resale market.

        Cosgrave also speaks to a new group of passionate women collectors and commentators. Ming Liu, who writes about watches for publications including British Vogue, the Financial Times and the New York Times says, “The days of the man in your life buying the watch for you, those days are over. Women want watches that express who they are.” Iris Ko, an anesthesiologist in Los Angeles who now owns 57 collectibles, including a rare Vacheron Constantin that she purchased on a speedy time out during an operation, explains her obsession for the artistry, passion, creativity, and history of luxury watches.

        Highly-crafted watches can be as sought after as fine paintings and cost as much as a house or a vintage car. Cosgrave delves into why, in an age of technology and smart watches, traditional timepieces continue to hold such an allure.

        Photo Credit: Courtesy GEARYS Beverly Hills.

        Podcast credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Bronwyn Cosgrave
        Written by Frances Anderton
        Audio Engineer and Editor: Avishay Artsy
        Theme music by Brian Banks
        Production Coordinators: Livia Mandoul, Callie McConnell and Sila Genya.

        Season Two of Rodeo Drive – The Podcast is presented by the Rodeo Drive Committee with the support of the City of Beverly Hills, The Hayman Family, Two Rodeo Drive, GEARYS and the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau.