Episode 5: Noseprints Against The Glass: Windows By Simon Doonan and LVMH’s Faye Mcleod and Ansel Thompson

        Window shopping is an art form for everyone to enjoy, even in an era of phone gazing and online retail. In episode 5 of Rodeo Drive-The Podcast three legendary window designers talk about their work: Simon Doonan, former Creative Director for Barneys, and LVMH’s Faye McLeod and Ansel Thompson. Hear them talk about the three-second rule, and what it takes to create boutique windows that astonish passersby– from rats in tuxedos to collaborations with world-renowned visionaries Virgil Abloh, Frank Gehry, and Yayoi Kusama. McLeod and Thompson also talk about designing during the pandemic — with children painting rainbows — and how global awareness, sustainability and ideas of street theater are finding expression in storefront windows that capture today’s culture. “How do you appear to be sensitive to all the things that are going on…while also wanting to distract people and make them feel that life is hedonistic and fun?” asks Simon Doonan. Find out, in this episode of Rodeo Drive-The Podcast. 

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