Episode 4: Principles for Life and Fashion: From Brunello to Carolina Cucinelli

        We’re excited to announce the fourth episode of Season Three of Rodeo Drive – The Podcast: Principles for Life and Fashion: From Brunello to Carolina Cucinelli.

        In a world dominated by fast fashion, Brunello Cucinelli keeps it slow, creating hand-crafted, ultra-luxury womenswear and menswear that elevates the well-being of those who wear his garments and those who make them.

        “Beauty is not only in how you dress, but how you behave…making sure that the community benefits from the presence of all of us,” says his daughter Carolina Cucinelli, co-president and co-creative director of the company. She talks with host Pari Ehsan on Episode 4 of Rodeo Drive: The Podcast about the Italian brand and continuing its humanistic philosophy of fashion and social responsibility.

        Ms. Cucinelli describes a childhood in Solomeo, the small hamlet that is home to her family and the company headquarters in Umbria, Italy. There she grew up with the artisans who create the one of a kind, exquisitely tailored, heirloom pieces in cashmere, shearling leather and soft cottons. She explains how Brunello Cucinelli invests in the community, through arts, culture and a School of Contemporary Arts and Crafts for a new generation of tailors. This is the definition of sustainability, she says. “I think the younger generation want to buy less, but buy better.”

        Field Correspondent Jason E.C. Wright visits the Brunello Cucinelli boutique on Two Rodeo Drive, taking listeners on an audio tour through the highly-curated retail experience. He describes the calming colors and textures of the interiors and and furnishings; the silky mens’ jackets and blazers; and the women’s Opera collection, featuring cardigans and suits threaded, he says, “with sequins that reflect the light in such a way that you don’t notice them immediately. And then it looks like a million cameras have flashed.”

        Finally, Carolina Cucinelli explains the company’s attraction to Los Angeles and why they chose two of its architectural landmarks – the Stahl House and the Bradbury Building – for a recent photoshoot. “For us (it) is that perfect union of Solomeo and L.A., because it’s a majestic place with a beautiful history.”

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        Season Three Credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Pari Ehsan
        Field Correspondent: Jason E.C. Wright
        Scriptwriter and Editorial Advisor: Frances Anderton
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