Episode 4: Flying High: The Story of Stefano Ricci


        The House of Stefano Ricci offers a world of ultra-luxury menswear and high-flying lifestyle goods to a client list that has included President Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandela and Pope Francis.

        As the label approaches its fiftieth anniversary, Rodeo Drive-The Podcast celebrates the rise of this tight-knit family firm as it expanded from designing ties to becoming a global luxury fashion brand while remaining rooted in the renaissance city of Florence. Host Bronwyn Cosgrave talks to Stefano Ricci and his sons Niccolò Ricci, CEO and Filippo Ricci, Creative Director, and to David Foster, the celebrated musician, composer and producer, who has worked with talents from George Harrison to Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and Céline Dion.

        Listeners will hear about mentors along the way, among them Rodeo Drive’s Bijan; what’s next as the brand enters a new era; and the importance of Florence to the design and fabrication processes. There is “something magic in the city,” says Stefano Ricci, “a powerhouse of beauty and culture dating back many centuries.” In 2010 Stefano Ricci even acquired an antique silk mill, containing a loom invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

        Bill Wiley, Director with CBRE which oversees Two Rodeo Drive, home of the flagship Stefano Ricci boutique tells Cosgrave how a trip to the Italian factory revealed how “everything is handcrafted by the finest artisans”, and Kathy Gohari, President-elect of the Rodeo Drive Committee, adds that the boutique on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Two Rodeo Drive is an “iconic” destination. “They have brought the beauty of Florence and they have infused it into every aspect of their brand.”

        Photo credits: Stefano Ricci by Luca Righeschi

        Podcast credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Bronwyn Cosgrave
        Written by Frances Anderton
        Audio Engineer and Editor: Avishay Artsy
        Theme music by Brian Banks
        Production Coordinators: Livia Mandoul, Callie McConnell and Sila Genya.

        Season Two of Rodeo Drive – The Podcast is presented by the Rodeo Drive Committee with the support of the City of Beverly Hills, The Hayman Family, Two Rodeo Drive, GEARYS and the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau.