Episode 3: Art Streiber Keeps the Dream Alive at the Beverly Wilshire

        Before Rodeo Drive, there was the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, a magnet for luminaries of film and entertainment since it opened in the roaring twenties. Now the grand dame of luxury hospitality is getting a makeover and that includes a new offering for guests, The Dreamer.. 

        On Episode 3 of Rodeo Drive: The Podcast host Pari Ehsan gets a taste of the experience, when she takes up residence in a newly-remodeled 11th floor suite and meets the longtime celebrity photographer Art Streiber.

        “Treat celebrities like real people, and treat real people like celebrities,” says Streiber, who will turn his camera on hotel guests who purchase The Dreamer, which gives them the ultimate Hollywood access: to be the subject of their own private celebrity photo shoot, a chance to shop with stylist Nicole Pollard Bayme, have their hair coiffed by Léa Journo and meet and eat with top chef Wolfgang Puck.

        Ehsan and Streiber discuss the enduring appeal of composed, still photography. “The portrait I take of you today is not about today. It is documentary, for 20, 30 years from now,” says Streiber. They also reflect on the art of staging sitters against the architectural backdrop of the hotel, styled after old Europe and now being given a refresh.

        Field Correspondent Jason E.C. Wright talks with the hotel’s current Regional Vice President and General Manager Peter Humig, who is overseeing the renovation, designed by London-based David Collins Studio, with a new palette of soft grays and hints of Art Deco. Humig tells Wright they wanted to hold onto Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel’s glamor, history and excellent service, without being too opulent. “Modern luxury is not how it used to be in the 80s and 90s. Now it’s the subtle elegance,” says Humig.

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        Season Three Credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Pari Ehsan
        Field Correspondent: Jason E.C. Wright
        Scriptwriter and Editorial Advisor: Frances Anderton
        Editor and Videographer: Hans Fjellestad
        Theme music by Brian Banks
        Production Assistant: Grace Fuh