Episode 2: From Disco to the Metaverse: Dirk Schönberger Reimagines MCM

        The German luxury fashion house MCM got its start during the hedonistic 1970s in Munich, Germany. Now it enters a new era under the leadership of Global Creative Officer Dirk Schönberger. He has revamped the logo, created partnerships with breakthrough artists and is taking the brand into a new realm, the metaverse. 

        “We’re creating virtual worlds instead of big sets for campaign shoots, and creating partnerships with online platforms where you can dress your avatar in our clothes. And this is only the beginning,” he tells host Pari Ehsan. “What is really important is to use the metaverse as a space of co-creation,” he adds, saying that today brands need to bring their customers into the design process.

        Field Correspondent Jason E.C. Wright visits the MCM flagship store with Kathy Gohari, president of the Rodeo Drive Committee, and together they analyze the updated Stark backpack and München tote as well as the ubiquitous MCM logo, visible on all clothing and accessories, now in both the original Visetos logo and the new Cubic Monogram version created by Schönberger. It appears on fabrics in bold color or subtle shades.

        “You’re able to turn the brightness meter up and down,” says Wright, who grew up with MCM as part of the hip hop generation. “This is not a revolution. It’s an evolution,” says Gohari.

        Music is core to MCM’s identity and Ehsan talks with Schönberger about his collaborations with young artists, including Billie Eilish, Missy Elliott and now iann dior. The goal, says Schönberger, is authentic connection with the artists and an attitude and point of view that feels right. “I want disruption. I don’t want a conservative point of view. I don’t just want to buy a name and connect it to the brand.”

        The new season invites listeners around the globe to hear Ehsan in conversation with some of the biggest names in fashion, luxury, art and entertainment as they cover topics including the convergence of art with fashion, the influence of sport on fashion, sustainability, luxury sneakers and creative retail in the metaverse. Wright will bring on-the-ground video and audio reports direct from the boutiques of the world’s most coveted brands. Gohari will keep listeners around the world up to date on current developments and what’s happening behind the scenes, charting the future for this famed three-block stretch in Beverly Hills.

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        Season Three Credits:

        Executive Producer: Lyn Winter
        Host: Pari Ehsan
        Field Correspondent: Jason E.C. Wright
        Scriptwriter and Editorial Advisor: Frances Anderton
        Editor and Videographer: Hans Fjellestad
        Theme music by Brian Banks
        Production Assistant: Grace Fuh