Episode 1: It Smelled Like Money- The Story of Giorgio Beverly Hills

        It Smelled Like Money – The Story of Giorgio Beverly Hills explores how Giorgio Beverly Hills made Rodeo Drive a fashion destination, and gave the world an unforgettable perfume. An all-star cast – Robert Hayman, the son of Giorgio founder Fred Hayman, known as “The Godfather of Rodeo Drive”; Dame Zandra Rhodes; author Rose Apodaca; and Decades owner Cameron Silver – tells the story of the “quirky” boutique’s creation, its star-studded heyday and how Giorgio innovated much that is central to high fashion and retailing today. Stephen Jones OBE and perfumers Roja Dove and David Horner explain how the Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume became a blockbuster. And host Bronwyn Cosgrave asks, what comes next for the luxury thoroughfare?

        Visit Rodeo Drive Recommends to read a new Illustrated online conversation between Robert Hayman and Rose Apodaca about what it was like to be in the swirl when fashion, fame and everything in between started happening on Rodeo Drive, thanks to its leading showman.

        Podcast Credits:
        Executive Producer, Lyn Winter.
        Host, Bronwyn Cosgrave.
        Scriptwriter and Editor, Frances Anderton.
        Editor and Audio Engineer, Avishay Artsy.
        Theme music by Brian Banks.
        Production Coordinators, Livia Mandoul and Callie McConnell.

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