Episode 5: Destination 90210: The Allure of Beverly Hills


        As cities all over the world open up, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive are welcoming back visitors as part of a Summer ‘21 travel phenomenon. 90210, the legendary zip code and “the street of dreams” are beloved both by residents and by those that jet in for a vacation. In this episode, hear from those in the know on how Beverly Hills maintains its captivating allure, and the backstory on its signature high style.

        Host Bronwyn Cosgrave talks to Julie Wagner, CEO of the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau, about the local finds and hidden gems like GEARYS Beverly Hills, the 500 cheeses at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, Arturo’s, the shoe fixer par excellence, and custom libations like the Pretty Woman cocktail served at the Beverly Wilshire. Saudi-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Tamtam, who graced the June cover of Vogue Arabia, explains why Beverly Hills is so meaningful to her it even inspires her songs. Luning Wang, columnist for Financial Times China, adds that travelers are drawn to “the association with Hollywood and all the celebrities and the secret VIP services brands can offer.”

        Cosgrave also explores the moving backstory to the luxury houses and hotels of Hollywood’s Golden Era. She talks with Royal Kennedy Rodgers and Kathy Vance, producers and directors of the PBS documentary “Hollywood’s Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story,” about the celebrated African American “architect to the stars”, who created Beverly Hills style at a time when he was not welcome in white neighborhoods. Kathy Gohari, President of the Rodeo Drive Committee, explains why Rodeo Drive is an international destination that still feels like a village, where people are proud of the City’s history and heritage.

        If you’d like to have your own Pretty Woman moment by replicating the Beverly Wilshire’s Feeling Pretty cocktail at home, here’s how. 

        Enjoy and get inspired by this new episode of Rodeo Drive-The Podcast.

        Photo Credit: Brica Wilcox

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        Host: Bronwyn Cosgrave
        Written by Frances Anderton
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